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A baby with its umbilical cord wrapped around its neck like a noose will mean good luck.Superstition and Money: The Way We Think About Money. Giving an empty wallet can give the recipient bad.

Dreaming of an extracted tooth means death of a close relative.Sleeping in front of a mirror can cause the death of that person whose soul might get trapped in the mirror.This particular superstition is not as popular as it once was, since.

A mole on the center of the chest means that the person will always be happy, loyal, and brave and is protective of his name and honor.Whatever one does on New Year, whether constructive or counter-productive, will determine how he will fare for the rest of the year.In contrast young swains in Northern Mindanao consider the same flower as a lucky love charm.

The kalachuchi, a Philippine ornamental plant, is believed to be a harbinger of death.Palm fronds consecrated by a priest are placed in the different corners of the house to prevent the entry of evil spirits.Believe it or Not Money Superstitions. Giving a wallet to someone as a gift without some token money.Allowing the shadow of a post to fall on you while erecting it is a bad omen.Bills should be arranged neatly inside the wallet or purse from the.

To give someone a purse or wallet without money in it will bring that person bad luck.It is imperative that a house faces east where the sun rises to guarantee prosperity.

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Rahukaalam (or Rahu kala) is an inauspicious period of time every.The fishermen of Semirara Island in Antique believe that the everlasting flower is lucky because it brings a big catch to fishermen and staves off danger at sea.

An assortment of Greek superstitions, customs and traditions,.If a pregnant woman eats eggplants her baby will have violet discolorations on its skin, while eating twin bananas will cause her to give birth to twins.A mole on the right chin means that the person has a good heart and knows how to manage his financial resources.Another popular house-building superstition is the cornerstone laying ritual of burying coins under the posts of a house being erected to attract prosperity and good luck.A sunken living room brings bad luck and sickness to the house.Superstition mixed with dreams and humor Wednesday as hundreds of people in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley and elsewhere in the region lined up to buy a 1-in-55.

Avoid borrowing money on the first hour of the day, the first day of the week, the first week of the month, and the first month of the year.A mole on the right knee means that a person will have a happy marriage but will lack friends.Doors that face west will bring quarrels, diseases and death in the family.

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While there are several superstitions regarding the wallet,.New Years Traditions and Superstitions from around the world.Septic tanks must not be constructed higher than the ground for it would demand a sacrifice in human life.

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This voodoo-ish type superstition says that if a woman. but I know some folks who believe putting your wallet or purse.Doors should always be on the right side of the house and the stairs should always turn to the right to keep a married couple loyal to each other for life.T13: Very Superstitious. Posted on. (or not) aside, superstitions supersede any belief system.A family living in a house surrounded by flowers called bandera espanola will always run into debt, no matter how large its income.