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Our own politicians are corrupt or dumb enough to give the IMF control of the United States.In the late 1960s, the IMF took the electronic currency concept to the next level when they created their own digital currency for the exclusive use of governments and central banks, called Special Drawing Rights (SDR).Comptroller of the Currency. Leadership. Dodd-Frank Act Stress Test (Company-Run) Purpose. On October 9, 2012,.A good question bill, all liquidity you have and can make available buy as much physical gold and silver you can get hold on, to be stored outside the banking system in a privately held safe depot.They are based on a basket of currencies widespread use of SDRs never really caught on because the system continued to work fairly well with the greenback at the top of the heap.This anger will not last long and will not happen in every part of America, but will shake the faith of the American people.

And nothing close to the level of debt that western societies have.The central banksters, in particular the FED that issues the reserve currency, have the motive to keep the gold price from rising, as they see gold as their competitor.Bought some soap, a few T-shirts, and the rest went to silver buillion.They could very easily have a global currency in exchange and not truly realize it.The IMF as others have suggested has to convince the BRIC block to play along.What the IMF is proposing right now may seem very innocent, but the long-term consequences of going down the road they want to put us on could potentially be absolutely catastrophic.SDR is a combination of the U.S Dollar, Yen, Euro, and the British Pound i.e. currencies of different nations.Just imagine what a world currency would do. it would probably tear itself apart in a few years.Having said this, I do not see how the rest of the world can allow us to continue to print money to get ourselves out of debt.

You destroyed your credibility by using wikipedia as a source.It is greed that prevents a starving person from getting food when the food owner wants an excessive amount for it.The majority of the worlds body politic is historically very ignorant and would feel more comfortable with a familiar picture and phrase on a piece of fiat paper in their hand.The once sovereign nations are enslaved to their debt masters, the banking Elite.

Australian State was an idividual, independent sovereign power under the umbrella of then existing British Empire.The central banks are worried as a new currency gains popularity and value.If the international currency exchange rates were frozen and one XYZ equals 3 ABCs you have your global currency.The MSM reports are deception and misdirection to buy more time.The low savings rate, the large current account deficit and now also the large budget deficit are the familiar issues, and associated with these is the question of how willing are those economies with surplus savings to continue financing those deficits.

Considerable good suggestions have been generated for IMS reform, but implementation of these suggestions is not easy.Yes, unfortunately this is what the IMF really has in mind for all of us.

Now plans like a global currency are openly and boldly revealed and are DIRECT and UNDENIABLE.By doing so we set ourselves up for eventual failure, guaranteed.

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As you can see, it is out of our hands and many people will be forced to make hard decisions.The fact is, a global currency and central bank is essential to the continuing development of humanity.I think you are right about those 5 consequences if you choose to make no changes.A new era of digital money coming form Obama. a completely new form of digital currency is in the. and Macy s have agreed to accept this new form of.

The issue of the world currency reserve is being strongly backed strong forces like China and Russia.Highly interesting and important to know: Different aspects of the control paradigm used to manipulate the mass consciousness are broken down into three groups which is referred to as V-E-P, which stands for vibrational, emotional and psychological control.Do not ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.

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So yes, it looks like we are definitely moving in the direction of the SDR becoming a true global currency.What is clear, however, is that the economy of the reserve currency of the world is currently facing structural problems, which have been described as serious and unsustainable, and are causing worldwide concern, particularly at the policy level.

The globalist agenda with interdependence and the nature of weapons (nuclear) make this more unlikely.The American riots will be the worst the word has seen, because our nation is sick enough of this culture of corruption to unleash their anger and spread violence in most of America.Not only could this event clear out the U.S. stock market, and cannibalise retirement savings, but it could ultimately end the way of life.

Did you know that President Obama recently signed an executive order mandating the government accept a new form of.Take a look at the striking resemblance between the hanging gardens of Babylon and the hanging gardens of the IMF atrium.They put their message of prophecy to us on the new currency designed in.Because currency values are measured relative to other currencies, all currencies are at risk of currency fluctuations and the currency crises that often accompany radical changes in currency value.At least with the U.S. Federal Reserve there is hope that someday the American people can convince Congress to shut it down.Allocated to nations by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a SDR represents a claim to foreign currencies for which it may be exchanged in times of need.

A world reserve currency for commodities is a real possibility.Learn more about why calls for another global currency will. deals in foreign and Afghan currency in Chicken Street on October.Matters have now gone too far to stop the inevitable currency collapse and implosion of the financial system.Mainstream media, is run by the RKM-cabal for themselves, and has the only objective to keep people as ignorant as possible, in being easier manipulated.Chinese economy is estimated to get early maturity in 2020 but even in 2020, its growth rate of GDP will be approximately twice than that of US.What is significant now is that it is being alleged that they now think technology and science will enable them to seize the long sought goals of control and power over the globe.Currencies of major nations can be directly exchanged without using the US dollar.Left wing, Right wing or in the Middle has almost NO bearing on the most dangerous situation our country faces.

Thats what we need is instruction, no one can think for themselves any more.Technology, science, the WAR machine and police state has enabled the upper echelon of power to convince themselves they can take total control of earth and all of humanity faster than originally planned.Then gold will buy more SDRs than any other currency, including the most highly weighted one, which is the dollar.Because of trade deficits, US competitiveness is declining while that of China.Obama signed a Bill back in December of 09, giving the U.N. the right to come to American soil and take out personal weapons.Hopefully we can become eco mature gradually over the next couple of decades, and voluntarily live responsibly toward the whole planet.From 1450-1530 it was Portuguese (80 years), from 1530 to 1640 it was Spanish (110 years), from 1640-1720 (80 years) it was Dutch, 1720-1815 French (95 years), 1815 to 1920 British Pound (105 years) and later on dollar dominated the scene till 2009 for 89 years.