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Another Chinese traveller, I Tsing, travelled in India after the death of Harsha.Chandragupta II (or Vikramaditya) was the most celebrated king of Gupta Empire.Their coins refer to the names of King Vinyasas and Bhadra Yasas.

The clues hidden in the coin designs, legends, dates and metrology all speak volumes and have here been deciphered to help reconstruct the history of the dynasty.Some of his coins such as battle axe, and archer types shows the advancement of the Indianization of the Gupta coinage.The most interesting of all Gupta Empire facts is that it became the most powerful empire in world under.Many other seals of the officials at Vaisali have also been found there.

A large number of seals have been found from Vaisali in the Muzaffarpur District.Gupta Dynasty long and efficient rule has made a huge impact on the political, social and cultural spheres in the history of ancient India.The Malava coins bear the legend Malarvanam Jayah.the Lichchhavis were another powerful republic at that time.

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In the Riddhapur copper plate inscription, it is stated that Sri Gupta belonged to the Dharana Gotra.

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Provinces in the Gupta Empire were known as Bhuktis and provincial.Coinage of the Imperial Gupta - Ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File.According to the same text Chanakya made Chandragupta make a pact with Paravataka (king of Himavat Ikuta) and the allied armies surrounded Pataliputra and forced Nanda to capitulate.Gupta Dynasty Indian History including developments in politics, economics, culture, social life, religion and art.

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The important monarchical states were the kingdoms of the Nagas, kingdom of ahichhatra, ayodhya, Kausambi, kingdoms of the Vakatakas and Maukharis and the Guptas.This Srigupta was probably the founder of the Gupta dynasty and reigned about 500 years before the visit of I Tsing.The Gupta Empire (Sanskrit:. is also popularly known as the Golden Age of India and for the right. about this illustrious dynasty through coins,.

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The Coins and Tokens of the Possessions and Colonies of the British Empire.Their dates range from 360 A.D. to 466 A.D. The direct line of the early Gupta dynasty is taken to end with Skandagupta.

Starting from the first of the Gupta kings, Chandragupta I in 319 AD, to the last the King Vishnugupta in 543 AD, their coins are a historical record detailing the evolution of the Gupta style and its impact on religious art from this golden age of India.He is presently working with UEE Mission, Directorate of Education, Delhi as Programme Manager.It is also presumed that the rulers like Agnimitra, Mahimitra, Bhumitra, Mahabhumitra, whose names are mentioned on the coins also belonged to the Audumbar.Although the main object of Fa Hien was to search out Buddhist books and legends, he has also given us many details of the social and religious condition of the country at that time.He issued silver coins and was the first of the Gupta rulers.

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The author has illustrated every coin variety in Gold, Copper and Lead as well as a complete range of all known Silver coins with dates struck by the Gupta kings.According to Dr. R.C.Majumdar, we can provisionally presume that Sri Gupta of the Gupta dynasty was the same who has been referred to by I Tsing in his account.

Millennium Collection 5th Century Ancient India Gupta Dynasty coin. See more like this Gupta Gold Coins With a.The splendid gold coinage of Guptas, with its many types and infinite varieties and its inscriptions in Sanskrit, are the finest examples of the purely Indian art.He had also worked for implementing Total Literacy Campaign launched by Delhi Govt. in 1995 to 1998 and motivated large number of illiterate people to become literate and identified thousands of volunteers who had worked for Literacy Campaign.They came into prominence after the Indo-Greeks but they were subdued by the Sakas.The rule of the Gupta Empire in India coincided with the Golden Age of India, marked by remarkable achievements in varied fields all throughout the land.

It was ruled by the Gupta dynasty from around 240 to 550 CE and covered most.The names of some of the Audumbar rulers were Dharaghosha, Sivadas and Rudra Dasa.This book is a culmination of a love affair that sprouted from the mind of a young child growing up in India.His brother Purugupta appears to have been the immediate successor to Skanda gupta.Some of the coins have the figure of a Siva temple with a Dhvaja, a trident and a battle axe.Very high quality coins made from gold earned by trading with the Roman Empire was used to pay for luxury goods such as.

These coins bear the legend Bhagavata Chat Svara Maha Atmanah.The first to significantly expand the Gupta Empire was Chandragupta 1.

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The names of rulers on Gupta coins are useful in establishing the. the Gupta Empire did not control.

INSCRIPTION Inscriptions are also helpful in writing the history of the Gupta period. Dr. Fleet rendered a great service by publishing in 1888 the third volume of Corpus Inscriptions Indicarum or Inscriptions of the Early Gupta Kings and their successors. Dr. Fleet brought together not only the Inscriptions of the Early Guptas but also of the later Guptas.Chandra succeeded in seizing the throne of Magdha and bringing the north- west under his sway.Huns were eventually driven out of India, the Gupta Dynasty permanently lost control of India, which returned to a patchwork of.Get information, facts, and pictures about Gupta dynasty at Make research projects and school reports about Gupta dynasty easy with credible.It is to be noted that he is not called a Maharaj but only a Kumar Amatya.Coins reveal important history of Ancient India. kings from the Gupta dynasty was. new information about the Kushan and Gupta coins for scholars.

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